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Business Charging

Save up to £350 per charge point installation up to a maximum of 40 outlets across your premises with the Workplace Charging Scheme.

Now is a great time for your business to “Go Electric” and offer your staff and clients the opportunity to charge electric vehicles at your premises.

Electric vehicles offer significant cost savings across maintenance, servicing and refueling costs as well as paying zero vehicle excise duty, not only this, they can boost your business’ green credentials.

Whether you are installing for a workplace, or as a destination for your clients, O&O Electricar can offer a wide range of solutions to meet your charging needs.

We install Charge Points at a range of business premises including but not limited to:

  • Workplace
  • Hospitality
  • Leisure
  • Retail
  • Car Parks​

The Government are currently offering a grant for business charge point installation called the Workplace Charging Scheme which is currently up to £14,000, this is limited to £350 off up to 40 charging points spread across all business premises. More details on the grant, including eligibility requirements can be found here https://tinyurl.com/7m375pjc . We can take care of all paperwork for you.

Don’t meet the requirements for the grant?

Even if you don’t meet the requirements for the grant, or don’t wish to claim, we can still offer you competitive prices on an Electric Vehicle Charge Point installation.

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